Why this blog?

Journey with me Into The Bush where we can discover together all about this planets wildlife by exploring some unforgettable destinations in the natural world. Join me as I turn my passion for wildlife preservation into actions that will make a difference.

Today, we live on a planet where a majority of our populations 7 billion humans overlooks the declining number of wildlife species that share this land with us. In our modern day, it is normal to forget about wildlife when our own comfort and expansion is involved. It starts to become a problem when we humans take away inhabited environments for we have overpopulated with the belief that there will be no consequences. The concern for plant and animal life doesn’t cross most people’s thoughts. Why is it so hard to persuade people to care about earth, the planet on which we solely depend on for our own human existence?

Although we humans are part the problem, we are also the solution. We have stomped on ecosystems but we still have remaining places of pure wilderness full of it’s natural wildlife that no one can touch. There we have a chance and can make a choice to correct our wrongs and do our best to work to help wildlife thrive. That’s where you come in – there are many ways you can support the wildlife conservation effort. Start a conversation, read and learn, donate, stand up for what is right. Just get involved. Start thinking and acting!

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